Nurture • Educate • Train

Mission and Vision


The Mission of Ouachita Hills Academy is:
   •   To nurture its students in a personal relationship with Jesus.
   •   To educate them for a life of service.
   •   To train them to take the gospel to the world.



Our vision is that our students will leave school with
   •   A deep and abiding personal relationship with Jesus and a desire to share Him with others.
   •   An belief in and appreciation for the divine revelation contained in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy as well as the conviction to follow its counsel.
   •   A knowledge base that will enable them to confidently pursue future educational endeavors with success.
   •   The ability to “think for themselves” as well as posses “thirst for knowledge” so that our students can discern between truth and error and be ever searching for truth and knowledge.
   •   A strong character based on the core values of respect, obedience, reverence, and self-control.
   •   A set of foundational skills in work ethic that will enable them to practically navigate the challenges of life; give them the experience and confidence that they “can do” whatever they put their “mind to;” and have skills to practically serve others.
   •   A knowledge of the principles of healthy living and a desire to follow a balanced lifestyle based on the harmonious development of their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual powers.