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Life at OHA

Spiritual Life

There’s a lot more to life at OHA than academics and practical training. Everything we do here is truly centered on spiritual growth and a closer walk with Christ.

Every day begins and ends with prayer, worship and Bible study. The peacefulness and beauty of our rural campus makes an ideal setting for contemplating the deep meaning of Scripture and for spending one-on-one time with God.

Sabbath is the high point of every week, and we take time on Friday afternoons to prepare our hearts and minds. On Sabbath mornings OHA students attend church together, where they may be involved in teaching a lesson, talking about world missions, or leading praise and worship through music. Sabbath afternoons are a time for sharing with the community through outreach, or spending time together in the beautiful natural areas near our campus.


Campus Life

Every Saturday night we spend time together as a school. On some nights we learn something new like calligraphy or how to prepare cultural foods. We might watch a documentary, or maybe work on a project that helps missionaries working in other countries.

Throughout the week, dorm life is where students get to know each other beyond classes and academic life. Most students have one or two roommates, although some students have their own rooms. In the evenings students go to worship at their dorms and study for their classes.


    Health and Fitness

We care deeply about our students’ health, and we work to provide the best possible food to give our students strong bodies and clear minds. Our school, through inspired counsel, has chosen to serve a vegan diet, and we also make gluten-free options available at every meal. Many of the fresh vegetables we serve come straight from our own farm. In addition to great food, we also have regular exercise times throughout the week where students experience the benefits of stretching, calisthenics, running or walking.