Nurture • Educate • Train



Harriet Clark
Instructor: Bible Doctrines, Principles of the Christian Home

Degrees: B.S., M.S.



TaLaura Caro
Instructor: English II, IV, and Consumer Math

Degrees: B.A.




Steve Chacón
Vocational Supervisor:  Auto Mechanics

Degrees: A.S., A.S.



Melvin Glass
Instructor: Physics, Algebra I, Pre-Calculus
Vocational Supervisor: Masonry

Degree: M.A.



Robert Neall
Instructor: Life and Teachings of Jesus, U.S. History, World History, Bell Choir

Degrees: B.A., M.Div.


Jona Ratliff
Vocational Instructor: Office Skills

Degree: B.S. 


Damyon Ray
Boys Dean
Instructor: Pauline, Daniel & Revelation, Vocational Ethics, P.E.

Degree: B.S. , M.A.


Carla Riddle
Instructor: Keyboarding, A&P, Health

Certification: R.N.



Robert Riddle
Instructor and Vocational Supervisor: Construction, Maintenance, Woodworking