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Music at OHA
Music is a big part of life at OHA, both as in-reach and outreach. Because godly music has the power to enrich and change lives, Ouachita Hills strives to create music that glorifies God and advances His work. The small choir, chorale, bell choir, and orchestra all focus on students learning and sharing godly music.


Large Choir

All students are required to be in Large Choir. Although this choir does not travel, the members work hard to learn and perfect pieces for events such as church services, Christmas programs, and graduation. Large Choir practices twice a week, usually on Sunday morning and on Tuesday evening.


Students who are a part of the Chorale have the opportunity of traveling to churches to share their gift of music. Many people have been blessed through this beautiful ministry of sharing the gospel message through song. An additional blessing of being in Chorale is that it also gives students the opportunity to receive further voice development and to develop further ministry skills as students are encouraged to take interest in the people attending their music programs and to reach them as Christ would.

"Ringers of Hope" Bell Choir

Being in Bell Choir is a wonderful way to not only learn a new instrument, but also to share the music and be a blessing to others. Ringers of Hope is also a traveling choir, and students get to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ to church members and visitors in the area. In addition, like the Chorale, Bell Choir travels two weekends a month and goes on one longer trip every year. The blessing of being in Bell Choir is that it also gives an emphasis on outreach. After programs and worship services on choir trips, the students are encouraged to mingle with people and get to know them. The ultimate goal is to point people to Christ.


Being a member of the orchestra allows those who are able to play an instrument to share the talent God has given them. Even though the orchestra is not currently able to travel, students who are a part of it make a joyful noise to the Lord whenever possible on-campus and at local off-campus music programs. They take part in special music, as well as playing for special events and Friday night vespers.