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Tuition and Costs

Payment Schedule for Tuition, Room and Board

Year of attendance Fee
First year of attendance $1065/month in ten installments
Second year of attendance            $1055/month in ten installments
Third year of attendance $1045/month in ten installments
Fourth year of attendance $1035/month in ten installments
A 5% discount is given for payment of the year’s tuition in full at or before registration. A $10 a month discount is
 given for each succeeding year a student is at OHA. A 5% discount is given for each additional child when two or more sibling are attending OHA.)


A non-refundable room reservation fee of $200 is due within two weeks of receiving notice of acceptance as a student. This fee is applied at registration to the registration fee. 

Technology Fees

Year of attendance Fee
Freshmen $15/month (10 months)
Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors             $45/month (10 months)

Additional charges due at registration:

Registration fee $ 395
Accident insurance $115
Textbooks $ 250-350
Yearbook $ 25

Non-covered and optional charges:

Transportation to Hot Springs* $ 28
Transportation to Little Rock* $ 80
Transportation to Arkadelphia* $ 28
Testing (PSAT, SAT or ACT) $15-68
Graduation fees** $ 85
Music lessons, per semester (No refund) $ 255
Orchestra fee per semester $ 50
Touring Choir Performance Outfit Rental $ 15-40
Old School Ministry Experience $150-400
Senior Mission Trip $2800-3000

*These charges are based on one individual. Discounts apply when more than one student is traveling. Check with the business office for estimated charges.

**Does not include fees for flowers, graduation announcements, or senior trip. These will vary depending on choices and quantities.

Worthy Student Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to students based on financial need and availability of funds from our donors. Eligible students should also demonstrate academic potential and good conduct. You may download and complete our Worthy Student Scholarship form.