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Ouachita Hills Academy offers a college preparatory curriculum with standard high school classes for math, physcial and life sciences, English grammar and composition, and the social sciences. Each year of study includes a required Bible class. All students will receive music education in our general choir program. In addition, we offer foreign languages, computer science, and health classes. In all of our classes we strive for academic excellence in the course content as well as endeavor to make the Bible the foundation.

Our vocational classes are integrated into the curriculum as well. Each semester students will study in one of several areas areas such as – Agriculture, Construction, Food Preparation, Auto Mechanics, Clothing Construction, Media, Masonry, Graphic Design, and Child Care. These courses provide the theoretical knowledge to complement practical experience students gain from their vocational work assignments.

Our course offerings differ in alternating years. Please see our Curriculum Scope and Sequence for a detailed explanation.

The college entrance test scores of OHA students over the last ten years have consistently shown that they are well prepared for higher education. The ten-year average for Ouachita Hills Academy is several points higher than both the state and national averages.