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Mission Trips

Mission trips give students a unique opportunity to participate in direct evangelism and see the great controversy between Christ and Satan in action, to experience a different culture, to work as a team, and to themselves grow spiritually while working for the salvation of others. Ouachita Hills Academy believes in missions and want to develop within its students a desire to be life long missionaries wherever the Lord calls them.

It is for these reasons that mission trips are an important part of the academic calendar. The fall mission trip is a combination academy and college student trip which extends over Thanksgiving break. It is generally in some part of South or Central America. The funds needed to participate in the trip currently is $1600. Students from any class can apply to participate. A student must show himself academically able to miss about two weeks of classes and mature enough to participate in the program, to be chosen.

The spring trip is restricted to seniors and is part of the graduation requirement. It is a five week trip which extends over Spring break. It may be any place in the world. The current cost of the trip is $2600.

On these trips students preach evangelistic series, present health talks, or conduct children’s meetings. In some countries they may aid in construction projects for the local church, give Bible studies, and conduct Health Expos. Countries where evangelistic meetings have been held includes: India, Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Haiti, and Bulgaria.

OHA staff will assist students and parents in fund raising, however, funds not raised by donations are the responsibility of parents.