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Standardized Testing Agencies

As far as the standardized testing is concerned, we require all students who come from homeschooling or non-traditional school background to take a current standardized test and submit the scores with their application.  This test should provide national percentage comparison and grade equivalence.  We recommend two options for this test.
Online Option Electronic Version Option: The following website offers the California Achievement Test for $25 which will give instant results.  It can be taken at your convenience but should be taken according to the guidelines and parameters on their website.
Product Description
• California Achievement Test (CAT 10)
• Grades 2–12
• Online Test with Immediate Results as soon as you finish the test
• $25 per student
• Take any time, day or night
• Scores are reported in grade equivalent, stanine, and percentile format.
Paper Option: For those who may not do well on computerized test, there is a paper and pen version available which can be administered at home.  We recommend the following testing service
Seton Testing Service:
Seton Testing Service
1350 Progress Drive
Front Royal, VA 22630
(540) 636-1250
(800) 542-1066

Product Description:
• California Achievement Test (CAT) Survey Edition
• Mail-order service – paper test.
• $25 each for test and scoring
• Administer at home, at your convenience
• A year-round service
• Quick results; Test scored and returned usually in two weeks
• Spring, Fall and Winter norms
• Easy to administer; Full instructions included
Applications cannot be processed without the scores of this testing.