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Ouachita Hills Academy is a member of two associations which share similar missions and roots.  

The Intersecting, Schools, Educators, and Inspiration, which Ouachita Hills Academy is a founding member of, is rooted deeply in the heritage of Madison College. ISEI's “mission is to facilitate the development, improvement and propagation of lay-operated Seventh–day Adventist schools as defined in the Bible and the writings of Ellen White.” Its vision is to create a worldwide association of lay-operated Seventh-day Adventist schools preparing young people to proclaim the three angels’ messages.

The Adventist-laymen’s Association, better known as ASI, was formed in 1947, as an outgrowth of Madison College, for the purpose of encouraging supporting ministries. In 1979 membership was opened to business people. “ASI members share a common goal to support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in reaching the world with the good news of God's love by "’Sharing Christ in the Marketplace.’"


Ouachita Hills Academy is accredited by ISEI and NCPSA, the National Council of Private School Accreditation.