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OHA Academy Days 2024!

We would like to give you an invitation to come and visit our campus.  “Academy Days” is a weekend where anyone who may be considering, if God would have them come to Ouachita Hills Academy, can visit and potentially join our OHA family by becoming a "student" for the weekend. This year it starts on Thursday afternoon, February 29th through Sunday, March 3rd.



During this weekend, we want visitors to see what normal school life here is really like. During this time of the year our bell choir and chorale are often out traveling on the weekends sharing musical programs in various churches.  We set aside Academy Days weekend to make sure everyone is here and make it a more typical weekend.  Our guests can attend classes, vocational programs, and music rehearsals.  They may also join the other students as they prepare for Sabbath and worship together at our vespers service on Friday evening.  Sabbath will include our normal Sabbath morning church service, Sabbath afternoon outreach, and Saturday night activity.   It is not only a good time to get to know OHA but also become friends with the students and staff.  Once here you become part of the OHA family.



Meals:  Meals will be provided, in the cafeteria, for all our guests who made reservations.  

Prospective students, with parent's permission, have the opportunity to stay with OHA students in their respective dormitories and experience what dorm life is like. 


Parents of prospective students and siblings, housing will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis, either in our guest rooms or with faculty members.  We do our best to accommodate everyone, though our housing is limited.  Some parents may prefer to make arrangements with a local hotel or bring their own RV.  We have very limited hook-ups for RV’s but we may be able to accommodate some.  Whichever way it works out, we would love to have you be our guest!


Please reach out as soon as possible to make your reservations. 


Please share this opportunity with other dedicated young people who may desire to check out our program. 


You may also enjoy joining the joint (Academy and College) live streaming of our prayer meetings and vespers services which are broadcast every Wednesday night at 6:45 pm and Friday evening at 7:00 pm. here.  The academy just recently started a YouTube channel, which you can find by clicking here


Register for Academy days: 

Call: (870) 342-6210 Ext 1051.  If no one is in the office, please leave a message!


When leaving a message, please give us your phone number and e-mail so we may contact you regarding the weekend.