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Ouachita Healthy Living Center


The Ouachita Healthy Living Center will be a place to learn a healthy lifestyle. It is not to be a treatment center, but rather an educational center for medically stable individuals looking for a lifestyle change. Guests will spend a week living and learning the components of holistic health. The foundation of the program will be the application of the eight natural remedies—air, sunlight, rest, exercise, good nutrition, temperance, water, and trust in Divine power. 

People who are medically stable but struggle with conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, weight management, or stress — and realize a change in lifestyle would benefit them but don’t know where to begin — would be prime candidates for this program.

Our intent is to integrate Ouachita Hills Academy and College students in as many aspects of the program as possible – leading out in exercise, helping with food preparation, teaching certain segments of health, working with guests in the garden (when weather permits), leading worship services, and providing massage.


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Ouachita Healthy Living